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Mini Movie Review: The Cooler - I've been wanting to see this for some time now, and it was a really bittersweet movie about love and luck and how they affect people - with a happy(?) ending. Total fantasy, but very enjoyable - much due to the lovely acting by William H. Macy. (****)

Today's favorite winter dish, Beef and Barley Stew

Scrubs returned back in new episode rotation! I think the break was bad for the show though, as it seemed to need some more funny-building than it actually delivered. It was also VERY Ally McBealish - for example when JD was shoved into the backpack.

Mini Movie Review: X-men. I've always liked the story, but I'm not sure what took me so long to watch this first one. I do think I liked X2 better, but this was rather enjoyable as well. I was most impressed with the Wolverine vs. Mystique fight scene at the end. (***)

Before I hit the sack last night, I redeemed an iTunes gift card that my dad gave me for Christmas. For those interested, here is my random list of downloads:

Sugar (Gimme Some) - Trick Daddy
Cupid/I've Loved You for a Long Time - The Spinners
My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
Don't Disturb This Groove - The System
Dare - Gorillaz
You and Me - Lifehouse
Collide - Howie Day
These Words (I Love You, I Love You) - Natasha Bedingfield
Remedy - Seether
While You See a Chance - Steve Winwood
Put a Little Love in Your Heart - Al Green and Annie Lennox
Stomp - Brothers Johnson
Breathe (2AM) - Anna Nalick
Wonderful Night - Fatboy Slim

Too bad he only gave me $15! ;) I had a hard time choosing within that budget! Thankfully (or not thankfully, sometime in the future, eh?) there were quite a few songs that I've been wanting that I couldn't find. I've been listening to the 80's music a bit much lately. Off the top of my head, some songs I've been trying to wrangle but haven't found are Bob Welch - Ebony Eyes, A Taste of Honey - Sukiyaki, the compilation CD Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion and several cheesey Cliff Richard songs. I also really wanted to get the new Shakira album, but I opted for variety instead.


Take Me Back.....

Winter is upon us......
List some songs that are about wintery weather
White Christmas, Winter - Tori Amos, Let It Snow

What artists always give you the chills when you hear them?
Heart, Stevie Nicks, Sarah MacLaughlin, and this gal that sings for Hit Explosion! (They're a disco band in Portland.)

What's your favorite album with a "wintery" feel to it?
You Sleigh Me


Music Memoirs - Top Five On Friday - Week 50
"Top 5 "Musical" gifts you'd like to receive this year"
  1. For the love of all that is holy, I want an iPod Nano.

  2. Confessions on a Dancefloor - Madonna

  3. Oral Fixation Vol 2 - Shakira

  4. Ten-Thousand Fists - Disturbed

  5. An iTunes download extravaganza!

LiveJournal's Friday Fiver - ET
  1. What's your favorite radio station? KUFO 100.1 in Portland, Oregon.

  2. How would you describe the format? Alternative rock with obnoxious DJs?

  3. Do you think satellite radio will become commonplace, like subscribing to cable TV? It wouldn't surprise me; although I think that iTunes/iPod adapters for automobiles will be a considerable competitor.

  4. Have you thought about buying a satellite radio subscription? Thought about it? Sure. I don't know that I have a good enough reason to get it though.

  5. When is the last time you said goodbye? When a friend who had brought me some candy left about 10 minutes ago.

Friday's Feast - Seventy-Four
Appetizer - What is a word that your family uses that would not be considered common? Hmm.....My bro and I call mom Mammy, and we call her dad Gramps. We also used the term Gump and Ayers to describe bad 'tudes when we were younger.
Soup - What theme of calendar do you have on your wall this year? I have an Angel calendar.
Salad - Name 3 people you speak with on a daily basis. My boyfriend, my friend Jill, and my brother are probably the people I talk to closest to everyday.
Main Course - If you could put a new tattoo on someone you know - who would it be, what would the tattoo be of, and where would you put it on them? I know that my sister-in-law wants another tattoo, so I would pick her and I'd give her a Hello Kitty tattoo on her hip. I guess..... :)
Dessert - What is the last beverage you drank out of a glass bottle? I don't even know! Probably a Smirnoff Twist.

Finally, I know you were all wondering......

You taste like a salad. You are the epitome of
diversity and freedom. With your mixed flavors
and ability to blend with almost anything, you
make people happy.

How do you taste?
brought to you by Quizilla


I have *really* been craving homemade SERIOUS hot chocolate lately. I have never made it though, and my track record for melting chocolate is not that good. I've never been much for candy making - I always burn the chocolate or somesuch. That really is a bummer too, because I lovelovelove Divinity, but I'd never make it in a million years. :( Speaking of holiday baking, I still haven't decided what I'm going to make this year. Better get crackin' though - gonna have to do it all over the next week. Any requests? We're having Christmas dinner over at my cousin's grandparent's house this year. When I asked her grandma (my aunt's mother) what I should bring to contribute - she replied, One of your famous desserts. Now this lady is a fabulous cook, and her daughter is one of my idols (in the kitchen and beyond), so it's wonderful to get such a compliment. :) Now I have to decide what to make for that too!

TV pop culture rumination:
* I actually watched an Apprentice - I'm not a fan of the Donald, but after finding out that a local gal (Felisha) made it to the final four, I promptly watched her get her walking papers. I was kinda bummed, but proud that Idaho did something good. :)
*The Survivor finale was probably one of my favorites so far - aside from the lame and very mellow jury questioning (which was surprising considering the personalities in this season!). My anger that Lydia made it to the final four was finally justified when she got her butt kicked out - there was no way she should have even been on the jury even, and she got that far anyway! I actually sort of rooted for her (not to win, just in not getting voted off right off the bat) at the beginning of the season because she was so sweet and tried really hard, but that just didn't cut it when it came down to it. Plus after she threw the hissy fit over not getting food handed to her when she didn't earn it really irked me. My opinion didn't only change about her - it also changed about Bobby Jon and Rafe. I totally thought that BJ was the oafish, crude redneck freak up until the episode he was voted off - his behavior in dealing with the absolutely psychotic Jamie was impressive - and obviously he was the better man. :) Initially, I wanted Rafe (was anyone else floored when he said something about being a gay, mormon boy??? I didn't think that was possible...) to win. He was a strong competitor, sneaky in a decent way and just a good guy. Then after he was unreasonable when Cindy won the car and didn't give the other four cars instead, I just lost respect. Cindy was also a favorite of mine, in fact, had she not been voted off I still would have been rooting for her. When it came down to Steph and Danni, I really didn't care too much who won - they both deserved it, although I do believe that Steph was a better player and should have won based on that, but Danni got it instead because the jury voted by emotion and not the finalists "skills an playing ability". I have only liked a few of the Survivors, but this was definitely one of my favorites. For those of you that are interested, there is a Survivor blog. I actually would REALLY love to get on this show. REALLY. I might even apply for the next one!
*Boondocks was made into a TV show recently, and I've been giving it a chance. Don't know if I will keep watching it very long - I love the cartoon, but the show is a little eh for me. Huey and Riley are adorable though, so I'll watch another episode or so.
*I randomly caught The Shield and ended up really liking it. Surprisingly enough! I've also finally caught up with the season of Law & Order: SVU which was taking a back seat to Bones.
*I think that one of the main reasons that I like Criminal Minds so much is because I absolutely adore the resident geek, Reid. I don't think I could stand that kind of dude in reality, but on the show, I just love his knowledgable geekiness. He's had some good episodes, especially one where he was used as a pawn to calm down a schitzophrenic gone awry on a train. Good stuff.
*I totally think that Quinten is the Carver on Nip/Tuck. Last week's plane crash episode was fantastic - at first I thought it was a bit cheesey, but I was sold by the end. In fact, Julia and Sean's scene at the end where he admits his weaknesses and her strengths was just brilliant.


Music Memoirs - Take Me Back Tuesday Week 48

Name three songs with family related words in the title.
1. Oh, Daddy - Fleetwood Mac
2. I Murdered Your Family - Wesley Willis
3. Little Sister - Queens of the Stone Age

Name three artists with family related words in their name.
1. Sly and the Family Stone
2. Sister Sledge
3. Mother Love Bone

Name three albums with family related words in the title.
1. Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits
2. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
3. Sister Sweetly - Big Head Todd & the Monsters


I thought I'd share some absoultely hilarious stuff from Here. I have been cracking up all day over this. Oh No They Didn't! is the best for finding this kind of misc. celebrity garbage. Behold, the Van Damme:


LiveJournal's Friday Fiver - Park it

1. When is the last time you rode the bus? "The bus." Hmmm....I think the last bus I rode was when I went on a road trip with the Oregon State Dance Team/Football Team/Cheerleaders/Marching Band to Seattle in 1996 or 1997.

2. Describe the last time you stood up for a cause: Well, yesterday I completed my annual pledge form for our charity deductions. I give $5/month each to Oregon State, the Idaho Human Society, and the Women & Children's Alliance. I always feel bad that I don't really have the money to give that much, but then I saw my end-of-year pay statement, and felt a little bit better. :)

3. Have you visited Alabama? I believe I've driven through it....

4. Have you ever attended a rally? A MLK Jr. rally at Boise State, my Jr. or Sr. year of High School

5. Have you ever been arrested? Amazingly, only once. When I was 17, I was arrested for curfew violation with Brandi and another friend of ours. We had alcohol in the car. We were the only under-age people in the station that night (they had set up a roadblock) that didn't have to get a breathalyzer (they didn't see our alcohol!), and the only ones that were allowed to leave and "drive ourselves home".

LiveJournal's The Friday Five - Superriffic!!!

1. Who is your favourite superhero? Jean Grey/Phoenix and Sersi

If you were a superhero, which one would you be? Sersi

Justice League or Injustice League? For entertainment value, INJUSTICE!

Which supervillain would you be? Sexy, sexy Catwoman!

If you could have superpowers, what would they be? To be in more than one place at a time - sure would help with my mental activity! Telepathy...mainly any powers of the mind.

Music Memoirs - Top 5 Beautiful Voices

And if you're so disposed, tell us why you picked the voices you did and if you want to share a favorite song by each, feel free!

1. Stevie Nicks/Christine McVie - I love them both, and it's hard to pick one over the other. They're especially good when singing together. I love so many of their songs, I can't pick a favorite.

2. Poe - She sings so smooth it's like silk. Angry Johnny is a favorite.

3. Nina Simone - Need I say more?

4. Shakira - I'm not usually a fan of Latino music, but Shakira rocks my socks - whether in English or not. Objection Tango and La Tortura are two of my favorites.

5. Tori Amos - I love sultry - she can sing anything in any style and make me love it. I have to say the first song of hers I ever heard is my favorite: Silent All These Years.

Honorable Mentions: Patti Smith - because she's so passionate and raw, not necessarily "beautiful" in the same sense as the others I've listed, but truthful and I love that about her. Anne Wilson - I have always liked Heart, but when I saw them live, she gave me shivvers she was so incredible.

Friday's Feast Seventy-Two

Appetizer - When was the last time you did something you would consider courteous, what was it, and who was it for? I am always having to sweep leaves away from my front door - piles. Yesterday when I swept, I swept the entire doorway area, including in front of my neighbor's door. Shook off their doormat too. Awww.

Salad - If you were to have a painting done of you alone, what would you want the background to be? The Ocean and a lighthouse scene - maybe Haystack Rock.

Soup - Describe your voice. - Oh boy. I always thought I had a boyish voice. Lately whenever I hear it, I think I sound whiny and more high-pitched. It is certainly not one of my better attributes!

Main Course - What is something you would like to do, but you're afraid of the risk(s)? I'm not generally scared of "physical" things, but after recently watching an episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive while over at my brother's (it was the Shark Survivor episode), I don't think I could ever go very far out into the ocean in anything smaller than your standard-sized cruise liner.

Dessert - What was the last television show you watched? - Reunion